The Dykes Likes: Alabama Shakes


I bet I know what you want today. I bet you want to impress that cute short-haired, tattooed chick who works at your local record store or maybe that adorable femme from your Bible study who has the Belle and Sebastian button on her backpack . Well, I have just the thing. Have you heard of the Alabama Shakes?

this could be you.

They’re just the name you need to drop to impress the freckles off of your latest musically-inclined crush. If you haven’t heard of them before, then good! That means that the Shakes are your ticket to sounding like you go to SXSW every year and own a vintage turntable. They’re what’s hot and new in the realm of music. In fact, Paste Magazine recently named them the  2011 New Band of the Year.

check them out.

The Dykes are in favor of Alabama Shakes not only because they have a badass retro soul/rock sound, but because of their rockin’ lady on lead vocals. Her voice is fuckin’ dreamy, people. It will make your panties drop faster than you can say “hail holy queen”.

As Paste put it: “At some point, God decided to take the voices of Janis Joplin, Robert Plant and Tina Turner and roll them all up into the body of Brittany Howard.”

So what will be better than to introduce your ladylove to that? Seriously, she was compared to Janis Joplin.

enough said.

Yep, this is a win-win, babes.

Just an FYI: they have only put out a 4 song EP (check it out at their bandcamp site) so don’t go pretending like they have a bunch of albums out and you own each one of them – although the LP is well on its way (or so I hear).

And for the love of the Lady, watch this.

(hot, right?)

Finally, if your girl is a bona fide hipster make sure that you say something to the effect of, “yeah, I totally listened to them before they got big”. Oh and double points if she’s from the South or has some inexplicable affinity for Southern folk.

Go shake it up! Godspeed, gays.

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