Monthly Archives: July 2011

The Dykes Likes: Andrea Gibson

Okay, just watch this:

Yep. She’s a dyke. And we like her. And guess what? She grew up Catholic. Oh, the sweetness of these discoveries, dykes. The sweetness.

But, seriously. Andrea Gibson is necessary. If you’ve heard her words before, thank The Lady. If this has been an introduction, you’re welcome.

Her words blow open the doors of all the crowded chambers of patriarchy, gender norms, oppressive political structures, love and on and on. Spend some time with her poems, as many and as often as you can. Sooner than later, the worlds inside will grow.┬áIf nothing else (and certainly, there is much else), her poems are empowering proof that “We have to create. It is the only thing louder than destruction. It is the only chance the bars are gonna break.” Listen to Yellowbird. It’s been a true poem each time I’ve heard it.

And for an ode to our kneecaps, and letting our bodies love what they love, here’s a new one:

That’s all I’ve got. She speaks for herself. Enjoy.